With every observation we affect
that which we observe.
Observation is action.

How then shall we observe:
with compassion, with force,
with distraction, with grace,
with honesty, with fear, with love,
with measure, with abandon?

Through poems I seek to observe
responsibly, reflectively.

Some of my writings begin
and end in poetry.
Others begin in prose,

but I then seek to find
the poetry lurking beneath;


My poems are first mirrors
into which I peer into myself,
and in sharing them I extend
an invitation for readers

to also look into the mirror;
you may not see yourself in my words,
or you may. Whatever the case,
I encourage you to observe responsibly,

taking care of your surroundings,
for we all are parts
of a beautifully shared reality.

(Yep, that’s a very fluffy “about” section. It’s the defensive fur sprouted by ideas.)

-W. Andrew Gibbens