Weak and passive god of Armies,
projected Phantom of pilfered Prosperity,
Our Victim of idolatrous machinations,
Lord subjected to Our Laws,
Wing and Shadow over Our Sacred Lies:

You comfort the afflicting
and strengthen the brazen oppressors,
preparing for Us a Way
to justify Hatred and Rage,
authorizing the mining of the earth and seas
for fueling the eternal fires of Power and Security
maintained by erecting
an Infrastructure of Infinite Growth
and forever forging Weapons of War.

We say Your ways are not Our ways
To vindicate Our groveling in fear
for from cowardice comes the strength
needed to revel in Our holy ignorance,
to make offerings of others’ flesh,
to glory in the unrest and chaos
an Economy of Ownership demands.

We raise up Our fervent cry to You
to broadcast to Your enemies,
who are therefore Our enemies,
The Good News that everything belongs to You.

You have charged Us, Your Servants,
with the mighty task of overseeing
Your Kingdom with a firm grip
and an unyielding resolve,
with the affliction of legislating
those who are unworthy
of Your Grace and Protection.

The burden of such a responsibility
is great, and so We thank You
for giving Us the Strength
to reckon Ourselves justified
in the meeting out of Your judgement
by whatever means We deem necessary
following from Our industrious interpretation
of Law and Order prescribed
in the covenants and constitutions contained
in Our spell casting books of Ancient Writ
and Enlightened Declaration.

You make possible
the inversion of the Word of Life
into a Dispatch of Death.

By your Blessing and In Your Name
We are entrusted with the Call to strike down
anyone who chooses to disobey
Your Perfect Will,
which though We cannot comprehend It,
We have faith that We are the true instruments
of Its implementation.

Protect Us from those who are against You,
for though We have every confidence
that they will be cast into Eternal Darkness,
and that We will be lifted up
upon clouds of endless, golden-white Light,
We know that We should be first afforded
the assurance that You Are With Us Now
and therefore We shall live longer than them,
comfortably in grand estates and towers,
before the culmination coming in the Last Days
when We enter through the Gates of Death
that promised Afterlife in Paradise,
of which We know nothing
yet so adamantly announce and anticipate.

Malleable and ever-amenable god,
turn Your echoing ear toward Us,
display Your Favor through Our Victory,
heed Our Mandate, and hear Our Prayer.



Inspirations: Twitter Series by @dwcongdonEvangelicalism, Authority, and ExclusionMatthew Hill, Tennessee SB 0994 authorizing drivers to run over protesters when exercising “due care.”White House, Red Hat: Steve Bannon’s Man at the Vatican by John Gehring.