A PRAYER TO OUR OUTGOING LIBERAL LEADER529887_521551457867684_1372327034_n

Dear Smooth Certainty,
sweet release for Liberal liability,
we give You thanks
for assuaging our complicity,
helping us through this dark time
when we might have had to face
our active acquiescence
to the Dominion of Death.

You have blessed us with Feelings
of Bliss and Justice,
thinking equality is not only achievable
but it is now a Hope fulfilled.

You have swept us up
by Extraordinary Rendition
of our fragile Convictions.

We will miss the ambiguity
granted You by
oppositional obstruction
that has graced us
with the comforting
option of Righteous Indignation
easily proclaimed with concise verbosity.

We bless Your Name,
Barack Hussein Obama,
President of Proclaimed Progress,
Diadem of Deep Interests,
Grounding Guide of the Grafted Gullible,
Liberal Lord of Light.

Make a way for us now
to continue to walk in Your Way
through the turbulence
of truncated Truth.


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