Americans love mirrors
so long as what appears
to be looking back at us
is something we can cheer.
Exceptional without exception,
we have the best ways,

the most freedoms,
the fairest elections
sponsored by efficient corporations.
For our next phase
in overcoming the world’s malaise,
proving ourselves above the fray,

our smartest, industrious
global citizens have outsourced
some previously unthinkable,
but now welcome opinions.
Considering our history
of exporting and imposing

the most favorable conditions
upon backwards, uncivilized
substandard states and institutions,
it is only sensible that evaluations
are to be constructed and reviewed
by the peers of our powerful,

crafty, virtuous, patriotic leaders.
We can rest assured
in the knowledge
of our unblemished role
in providing necessary
protections for the world’s

sense of maverick order,
rules, and obvious laws.
With our labyrinths of mirrors
reflecting back flattering scenes
of heroism, romance, and geniuses,
we’ll remain big, strong, and tall,

capable of building the greatest walls
to ensure that from our city on a hill,
our precipice of skyscrapers
shining their beacon light,
and the grace of our mighty Lord

we shall never fall.


Inspirations: Democrats, Trump, and the Ongoing, Dangerous Refusal to Learn the Lesson of Brexit by Glenn Greenwald. Independence Day: Resurgence and other works of military propaganda that includes plenty of cheering scenes.